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Port Dickson Hotel Reservation Port Dickson Hotel Reservation

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Port Dickson Attractions

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Port Dickson with its wonderful and varied attractions located here


Tiara Beach ResortWhen it comes to Port Dickson you can clearly say that the beaches here serve to be the primary attraction. However, instead of enjoying in the beach, you can also got to many of the wonderful sight-seeing locations and also many other places that serve to be great attractions of this wonderful place. There are also many sorts of recreations that you can be able to observe in this wonderful area for yourself.  There are many sorts of wonderful places that visitors can look up to on the road itself.


The various places to visit here

The visitors can visit the Wan Loong Chinese temple. This really serves as one of the best looking and also the most visited temples in this region. One can also look at the Army museum that showcases many of the stuff that is directly from history. They have been achieved from the Royal Armed forces that once had its base in this region. A complete showcase of military history and many others can be seen here. The great location of the Cape Rachado along with several fishing villages are also to be seen here. The museum town that is located in the north also serves as a great location too. 

The wonderful Moonlight Beach

Moonlight BeachThe Moonlight Beach or the Pantai Purnama is a great beach to be visited in this location. This is a completely secluded beach that is located in the 9th mile region of the Port Dickson area. This place is completely hidden away from the main road and behind all of the apartment blocks and also the secondary forests. The wonderful ambience of this place is really charming and also extremely attractive. Therefore, it does not take a lot to declare that this location is really a great haunting ground for the couple tourists and also the fun loving loafers of this region. The sea waters you will see in this region are really crystal clear and filled with wonderful landscapes and also rock formations.

The lovely beaches of Tanjung Gemuk and the Chinese Temple of Wan Loong

The Tanjung Gemuk is another quiet beach spot that is located in this 2nd mile location of the Port Dickson region. This place is located in the commercial zone that is actually filled with a complete list of hotels and many other resorts. However, no matter what, this place is actually secluded and serves as a great location too.Port Dickson Beaches

There are three major hotels that mainly provide the most accommodation in this complete area. Each of these hotels is really well furnished and also has all of the services that make them a complete place to stay and rest in. the small playgrounds that are available for recreational purposes are also great for use.

Wan Loong Chinese temple is located in the fourth mile of the region of the Port Dickson coastal area. The PD World Marina resort is located just opposite to this wonderful region. The opulent architecture, the wonderful fortress and many other things available here are for complete sightseeing and much more. 

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